Are you planning the ultimate Yellowstone road trip for this summer? America’s first national park has many wonders to behold, so it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you should do during your visit. To help you plan, check out our six favorite stops and activities in Yellowstone:


Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Yellowstone National Park is full of geysers throughout the park, but Old Faithful is invariably the most well-recognized and revered. About 20 times a day, the massive geyser launches thousands of gallons of water up to 180 feet into the air, a spectacle that attracts millions of visitors to the park every year.

Its name originates from the predictability of the geyser’s eruptions, usually erupting every 74 minutes (plus or minus 10 minutes). The park even posts eruption times on their website and all around the park, so you can check out other sites while you wait!


Old Faithful is situated right next to the Old Faithful Visitor’s Center and the Old Faithful Inn. Simply drive up to these destinations, park your car, and walk to one of nature’s most stunning features.

Note: you cannot drive directly to Old Faithful during the winter months (November until March or April, depending on the year). But you can snowmobile to the geyser with the right permits


Morning Glory Pool. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Old Faithful isn’t the only geyser worth checking out while in Yellowstone. Upper Geyser Basin, which houses Old Faithful, is filled to the brim with hydrothermal anomalies, many of which are within walking distance of Old Faithful. Other geysers worth checking out include:

  • Geyser Hill

  • Castle Geyser

  • Daisy Geyser

  • Riverside Geyser

  • Grand Geyser

There’s more to see than just geysers as well; various pools of water accent the landscape with mystifying colors. One such attraction is the Morning Glory Pool, which offers vivid colors of yellow and orange rocks against a turquoise pool of water.


Since Old Faithful is in Upper Geyser Basin, you can get to all of these attractions and more from the same place. Simply park your car by the Old Faithful Visitor’s Center and take a walk down the designated paths.

There’s plenty of signage to direct you where you want to go, and every attraction is no more than an hour’s hike away. Morning Glory Pool, for instance, is just a 30-minute stroll from your car.


Hayden Valley, Yellowstone, National Park, Wyoming, USA

Although you’re free to just roam around the Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone is a much bigger place. There is much more to see and do, including going to Hayden Valley.

Hayden Valley, located about an hour northeast from Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin, is the spot to see all the wildlife Yellowstone has to offer. There you can witness herds of bison trotting their way through the plains. Witnessing bison in Yellowstone is nothing short of extraordinary, given it’s the only place in the whole world where bison have lived continuously for thousands of years.


Hayden Valley is right in the center of Yellowstone National Park. If you’re coming from Old Faithful, you can take Highway 191 south until you reach the junction for Grand Loop Road next to Yellowstone Lake. Drive north on that road until you get to Hayden Valley, where you can disembark and view all the wildlife you desire.


Whitewater Rafting

To make a trip to Yellowstone truly awesome, you should do more than just sight-see. The variable outdoor landscapes of the park allow you to do so many things, including whitewater rafting.


Yellowstone River features some of the best whitewater runs in the American West, offering many Class II and Class III rapids for rafters of all experience levels to enjoy. Or, if you’re up for a bigger challenge, there are some stretches of Class IVs. However, these are usually only open during the beginning of the season (May and June).

Don’t have the gear or time to organize a trip on your own? Not a problem. Wild West Rafting offers plenty of whitewater rafting day trips you can schedule in advance.


Fisherman Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is abundant in Yellowstone. Its rivers, lakes, and streams are teeming with trout, whitefish, and arctic graylings for your catching pleasure.


There’s no shortage of bodies of water in Yellowstone; you can easily find a spot to fly fish wherever you go. Some of the best spots include:

  • Yellowstone Lake

  • Yellowstone River

  • Grebe Lake

  • Madison River

  • Trout Lake

  • Lamar River

  • Lewis River

Going on a guided fly fishing trip can help you make the most of your expedition, directing you to areas where fishing season is at its peak so you can catch fish all day long.


Horseback Riding in Yellowstone National Park

If you really want to embrace the cowboy-era old west that Yellowstone embodies, go horseback riding. The park is lined with trails—both flat and mountainous—that you and your horse can trot along.


We bet you aren’t bringing your horse on your Yellowstone road trip. Fortunately, Wild West Rafting has plenty of horses ready for you to use. By signing up for our horseback riding tours, you can immerse yourself in Yellowstone’s beautiful wildflowers and mountain vistas.


Use these six steps as a launching pad for your ultimate Yellowstone road trip planner—there’s a lot more to do and see than just these six things.

If you need additional help deciding what all to do while in Yellowstone or are looking for a place to stay, contact Wild Rest Rafting today!