Yellowstone is a beautiful natural location and is home to some of the most diverse creatures America has to offer. However, to keep the park healthy, it’s essential to protect it against unnecessary damage, and there are regulations about where you can bring your dog.

Dogs are allowed:

  • In vehicles (but never alone for long periods)

  • At a frontcountry campground

  • Within 100 feet of roads and/or parking lots

In each of these situations, your dog must remain on a leash that is no longer than six feet. Owners are also expected to clean up pet waste in all situations.

Unfortunately, that means your dog is not allowed in most other areas of the park. Additionally, dogs are not allowed on any trail or boardwalk in Yellowstone, even if they’re carried in your arms, pushed in a stroller, or held in a kennel, bag, or backpack.

Dogs are not allowed in Yellowstone’s hotels or resorts but are allowed in campgrounds. Let Wild West Rafting take care of your lodging to keep you comfortable and make sure your dog has a place to be while you enjoy Yellowstone’s breathtaking vistas.

If you have a service dog under the Americans with Disabilities Act, these rules are lifted and your dog is allowed anywhere you are. Emotional support or comfort animals are not classified as service animals and must follow the normal restrictions for pets in Yellowstone.


Because restrictions are so tight against having a dog in Yellowstone, there aren’t many things you can do with your dog while in Yellowstone. The best option for enjoying Yellowstone with your dog is to take a scenic drive through the 250 miles of roads between the upper, lower, and grand loops.

While dogs can’t explore on their own, they are allowed in campgrounds as long as they remain on a leash. Camping overnight in a designated campsite can help you and your dog relax and enjoy some of the beautiful nature Yellowstone has to offer.

For active dogs that want to sniff and run through nature, there are some pet-friendly trails and paths just outside the boundaries of the park. While not within Yellowstone, these trails can still provide beautiful hikes to enjoy with your dog.


Wild West Rafting can help you get the most from Yellowstone. Whether you plan on hiking on one of the over 900 miles of trails or want to go rafting down the Yellowstone River, we can help.

Come take a closer look at the natural wonders of Yellowstone with our guides who are professional wildlife biologists certified as wilderness first responders. We’ll customize your plans to match the local conditions and weather so you can get the most of your visit to Yellowstone.

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