Preparing for a whitewater rafting trip doesn’t have to be complicated. You can book a guided tour with Wild West Rafting, and we’ll bring most of the equipment you need for a day of adventure and answer any questions you have. There are only a few things you’ll need to worry about, like what to wear when whitewater rafting and whether you want a mellow float or a more difficult run through the rapids.

White water Rafting


When deciding what to wear when whitewater rafting, choose clothing that responds well to water. For example, avoid cotton clothing, as it will stay wet for a long time. Moisture-wicking fabrics like Under Armor and clothing that is often worn for outdoor sports, such as polyester, wool, or fleece, make great choices. Depending on the time of year, it is also wise to dress in layers. If you don’t plan to go whitewater rafting in the heat of summer, you can expect the water to be pretty cold. You may also have the option to leave dry clothing behind to change into after your ride ends.


Don’t forget to consider what you’ll be putting on your feet. Make sure you choose shoes with good grip on the soles to help avoid slipping. In the summer, some simple water shoes or waterproof sandals will do, as long as they stay securely on your feet. In colder temperatures, you will need to keep your feet much warmer. Wear wool socks and sturdy water-proof shoes.


Rafting Sunscreen


Arguably the most important thing you need to wear is water-resistant sunscreen. If possible, bring some more with you to reapply after a few hours. Some travel-size sunscreens can be clipped to your life jacket with a carabiner. Remember that you will be in the sun for the duration of your trip, so SPF protection is a must. You will want to wear chapstick to protect your lips from the sun as well.


Leave anything you really care about at home. Remove jewelry and put it somewhere safe. Don’t bring a camera unless it is waterproof, and don’t wear expensive sunglasses. Avoid any loose items like hats and baggy clothing.

If you are concerned about photos, many rafting guides will take photos for you. You may want to bring a credit card or cash (in a ziplock bag) to purchase pictures after the tour ends.


When booking a whitewater rafting tour with Wild West Rafting, you don’t have to worry about safety gear. We’ll provide wetsuits, water shoes, and splash jackets as needed. Plus, when you choose one of our longer tours, we’ll treat you to lunch.

Contact Wild West Rafting to learn more about our tours or for more information about what to wear whitewater rafting. Book a raft tour with us today!